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Headphones keep needing to be re set on Mac on RB

I was using RB 3 for years with no issues. Worked great. I bought a new laptop and I've now been forced to update.

One issue I'm having is needing to re set the headphone output in the audio page every time i use it. This never happened before, when i plugged in the phones it came out the phones when they weren't plugged it came out the speakers . So what am i doing wrong?

Also, i find the asking to update every time i start up really annoying. Why do software manufacturers constantly need to remind you there is an update available? Isn't it enough you're using their stuff, does it really have to be the latest version, which in my espereince is often buggy. I looked on here and went into the app contents and re named the Upmgr rekordbox.app but that made it crash every time i opened it 

Any help apprecieted

roger sause

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Check that your audio settings on the Mac haven't resulted in the RB being used as the main system output.

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