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CDJ 3000 Showing Thumbnail Wrong

One of my CDJ 3000 I bought brand new in April in 2021 is having a massive software failure I think.

The problem is that the display in the JogWheel is upside Down. First I thought it was a mistake in my USB because I did the mistake to update my to MACos Ventura, and format my sticks to Mac Journal. But a friend of mine had the same issue.

Then I saw that even the bootup screen is upside Down. So I'm thinking that the software is little bit messed up. Maybe one of you knows how to fix this problem.  

I tried the Factory reset with the Servicee Menu but it didn't help.

The Firmware is up to date at 2.0.3.

Thank you for your Help!

Bendix Menge

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Yes, when you turn on the CDJ the Loading screen and the Pioneer DJ Logo are upside Down. 

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