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No "split audio" setting

I have just got myself a setup of DDJ-flx4 and 2x krk classic 5 monitors, I connected them just as shown in all tutorials, thus the audio is only coming from just ONE speaker. All of the forum posts about this issue are that I should turn on audio split option, but the problem is that I DONT HAVE IT. I searched through all the audio settings on rekordbox and there are no signs of R/L channel managment and no way of turning the split audio on. Please help me. 

Aleksander Sikk

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I'm going to presume you're using rekordbox and not some mobile app, so I'll tell you that the DDJ-FLX4 doesn't require any kind of split audio (and doesn't support it as it's unnecessary).

If you switch the L/R outputs ONLY on the back of the FLX4, does the problem switch to the other speaker?

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