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Dropbox/ RB6

I just upgraded from Creative to Professional, couple of problems:

Lost all the customization I did.

Tried to upgrade to latest version, install keeps failing.

I mistakenly disconnected the link to DB/ RB. Thinking I was using the new account I created (to keep the library separate). I need help to reconnect. 

Lastly, Do I have to move everything out of existing account (the one linked to RB) and move to my new account manually?




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Lost what customization?

Is the "disconnect" that you logged-out of the Dropbox account in rekordbox? Just log back in under the MY PAGE panel.

You do not have to move everything out of any accounts unless you have somehow signed up with a different email address.

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Pulse, thanks for your response.

What I meant by customization was my columns selected to be seen and their arrangement, font size, etc. 

I had an existing dropbox and created another to use with RB professional. I mistakenly thought the new one was to be linked but was actually the old or original that was associated with RB.  So I guess I will have to move everything over unless RB keeps things in a separate folder then I can cancel my existing subscription to DB?


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