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Perminently set up browser catagories

Hi there, new user to rtekordbox here. I only ever want to see the following catagories in order from left to right in the browser display:




Song Title


Waveform display


I do not care about aby of the other catagories (album art, rating, time blah blah blah). 

I want the browser to show the above catagories no matter where I am in the browser. That means no matter what folder or playlist or disk I happen to be in I only want to see the above in that order. 

Settign this up in Traktor was next to effortless, but It seems when I configure the Rekordbox browser display to show it the way I want, it only applies it to the folder/playlist/disk that I happened to be in them I applied the changes. I want these changes to apply everywhere in Rekordbox. 

Please can you help?

Many thanks,




Sunny Pyburn

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