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Export Issue Rekordbox

Help Please - No export or performance mode?

I have had the same rekordbox license since 2018 when I purchased my pioneer XDJ-RX2 controller. Recently I trialed performance mode, then after my 7 days was over, I haven't been able to export any of my playlists? Nor does the computer even detect my USB (or any USB) in rekordbox.

There's no option to switch between export mode/performance mode anywhere on rekordbox. Now I cannot export any of my songs/playlists? I know there isn't an issue with my USB, the computer picks it up and I'm able to play on my decks without a problem. Nor have I changed the formatting of any of my music etc.

Can someone please help? Can't seem to solve this


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Make sure rekordbox has access to your external drives; open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files & Folders > rekordbox > Removable Volumes.

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