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A problem with post fader effects when using Rekordbox

I'm using 2 different setups:
1.  2 X CDJ 3000 and a DJM 900nx2 mixer + DDJ XP2 (all connected to laptop using Rekordbox via USB cables and a USB hub)

2. ddj - 1000

When I use the first option, I want the pad effects on the XP2 to act as post fader effects, the same way they act when I use the DDJ-1000 (that means to still hear the pad effect after I close the channel fader on the mixer). 

I know that since the DJM-900nx2 is an external mixer, the software effects are applied to the audio before they are sent to the mixer but I wonder:

1. Is there a way of working with the DDJ-900nx2 in "internal mode" while using Rekordbox?

2. Is there a way of re-routing the "effects sounds"  from Rekordbox software to a different channel on the external mixer so I can leave that chanel open while I use 2 other ones for mixing tracks? 

3. If the answer is no to these questions, is there any other way I can solve this issue? 

Thanks in advance




Barak Margalit

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