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Mount HFS+ SSD under OSX 10.15 Catalina???

Hey Guys,

i`m currently facing the following problem:

I copied my complete Music & Rekorbox Library to a HFS+ formatted 4TB SSD (Lacie Rugged Mini USB3) to have the opportunity to have everything mobile with me to work on at different Computers and play from on the CDJs at gigs.

Till now i was managing my RB from two Windows 10 Systems with a HFS+ Tool, wich worked totally fine.

Now I bought an old Macbook for Touring and Playing my Ableton Sets from, but I also want to manage my RB Library on it. Now the bummer: Can`t open the external HD on the Macbook (running OSX 10.14., updating to Catalina atm...)

How are you Macusers dealing with the fact that higher OSX with APFS Architecture can`t open HFS+ formatted SSDs?

As FAT formats restrict the Size to 32Gb this is not a serious alternative for me atm...

I`m glad about any tips and workarounds since I`m close to an international Booking and I don`t want to travel two laptops.....

Cheers Janosch

Janosch Wolf

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APFS systems certainly can read HFS+ drives... are you sure it's not something else?

And FAT32 is not restricted to 32GB, the max is 16TB. 32GB is an artificial restriction.

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