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iTunes-Apple Music-Rekordbox issue

I am upgrading my old macbook, which ran Mojave 10.14, to a new Macbook running Monterey.
On my old machine I had an iTunes library which I cultivated for many years, dedicated for DJing.
The library, including all music files is located on an extarnal drive.
I used iTunes to first import the music, sort it to various genres and sub genres (as playlists) and then I'd sync it to Rekordbox and will compile playlists dedicated to the events I'm playing at.

I am trying to import this library to my new Macbook, but apparently, what should have been a straight forward process is broken. I can't get the new Music app (which replaces iTunes) to read the old library, and i'm not the only one.

What concerns me is keeping all the files in their relative paths so I wouldn't break the Rekordbox database.

Would love to know if someone here might be able to share similar experiences or might help with a solution.

Many thanks!




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