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No audio output of Rekordbox through Pioneer DJ Interface 2

I have a Macbook Pro running Catalina with plenty of RAM. I have the latest Interface 2 drivers.

The problem:
- I can't get audio output from the Interface 2 when using Rekordbox. I've installed the latest driver (4.0.1). I also uninstalled and re-installed it just in case. I do get audio output from Rekordbox when I switch to my Mac's internal sound card.
- The DVS vinyl is detected by Rekordbox, and can control a cue'd music track, but all I hear is the vinyl control track sound, not the music track.
- In the Rekordbox audio preferences there is no selection for Input 1 and 2 "Phono". There is only selections for "Line". Also, in Rekordbox DVS preference settings it won't let me select "turntables".
Ian Dillon

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