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Rekordbox Lighting and Phrase Editing

One of your guys created a post on reddit a few months ago, where he asked for input on how to improve rekordbox lighting.

Unfortunately, it seems I was late to the party as he's abandoned the thread and deleted his user.

So I will reach out to you here, and hope you will take a look at my input as well.

Link to my post: https://reddit.com/r/Rekordbox/comments/wzajvp/rekordbox_lighting_users_give_us_your_input/iwdmt3l/

lplanum Answered

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Hey Lars, thanks for posting here -- I had no idea that my account had been suspended for some reason and it was only because of this that I found out! (I'm really never on there so the ban was a surprise.)

I'm now reactivated and back in action and I thank you for contributing the feedback, we're still gathering info. Cheers!

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Hi Pulse,

I'm happy to see your reddit account is up and running again.

I hope you and the RB team find the feedback useful and I'm very excited to see if some of my suggestions makes the cut in future updates.


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