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DVS Interface2 not working with turntables

I bought the Interface 2 DVS to play with my technics turntables however I have no sound eventhough the Rekordbox software responds to the needle on the turntable being lifted and positioned. 
I am in performance mode 'absolute' and 'relative' but still nothing. It does play my analog vinyl in THRU mode.
All cables are connected correctly and running  Macbok pro M1Version Monterey 12.3 and Rekordbox 6.6.8
I have tried this with a no older mac and audio is played and software responds to the turntable but it is just skipping (only 1 app running and AC plugged in).
It is odd that one laptop plays audio and the other not.
I have checked I/O of apple sound card and assigned to Interface 2.
Since I bought it in October I have struggled to use rekordbox with my turntables compared to Serato, its been a very frustrating process I have even given up using it. Surely there must be a reason why this is happening and can be resolved.
Can I run 2 laptops on the free license included with Interface2?
Matthew Gibson

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Same problem.

pioneer does not answer my questions and does not give me assistance. i feel cheated


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