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Weird compression still happening in performance mode

Weird compression still happening in performance mode

The problem experienced here:


I am currently experiencing using DJM 900 NXS2 mixer.

The issue is that in external mode, many songs are clipping if I set Gain to 0. The clipping only occurs in rekordbox, because the meters on the mixer are very far from clipping.

Clipping and compession happens before the sound even gets into the mixer, how can this be? This is only the case when I use pioneer USB audio devices, I don;t have this problem when I use other devices.

One additional hint that something is wrong: when I record my set, I start recording during the DJ that plays before me from stick. His audio is much louder, the waveform showing much more amplitude, and when I start to DJ using the USB connection the waveform gets much smaller and super compressed, as if all my songs are constantly clipping but at a lower volume.


And Pulse, can you not close every topic about this subject as "answered". Finding solutions is hell this way, since it didn't get fixed.

Jakko Ter Borg

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Just wondering. Why have you tried using the other audio drivers instead? I don't use ASIO since I dont feel the delay on my pc or laptop and never encountered this behavior in WIN11. Is not using ASIO not an option until its fixed? I understand I can just be lucky myself.

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