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Playlist Formats should be interoperable (e.g. Mixcloud)

It takes me always a lot of time and energy to in kind of extra step, to put the exported playlists to a format Mixcloud can understand. For example on export to Mixcloud and / other services, it will not understand what and when exactly a track was played. As similar problem exists for Traktor nml Playlists, I already came up with a free online converter. As next I would do this for rekordbox, as already found javascript m3u8 parser. BUT it would be super helpful 1. Companies agreee to a well known standardized format, one format. 2. Rekordbox gives output that mixcloud understands 3. Rekordbox is able to understand Serator playlists https://traktor-playlist-parser-timsusa.vercel.app/

Tim Susa

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