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Cloud Sync Not Working - Am I doing something wrong ?


I have RB installed on 3 Windows machines. All W10 64-bit.

I'm subscribed to the Creative Plan and and 'Sync Library to another device' is ticked and logged into the same RB & dropbox account.

I am not syncing my audio files via RB. They are syncing via Dropbox to the same directory on each machine.

On two of the machines I have my full RB database (I backed up on one machine and done a restore to the 2nd machine).

When I make a change to a track title or playlist on one machine, it's not being replicated on the other machine.

On the 3rd machine, I have installed an empty RB database. It opened with the standard horn etc sounds. When I activated the 'Sync Library to another device', it has duplicated the horn etc sounds, but hasn't downloaded the full database.

Any ideas people ?



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