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Desperate for advice - SSD database fell out of laptop while in use, without ejecting properly, and now corrupted. All music files and rekordbox data have deleted. Is there any way to recover my data?? I stupidly forgot to backup in months.

Today, my Samsung SDD T7 unfortunately fell off my desk while I was using it in in Rekordbox, I was in the process of transferring music from my SSD onto my USB. The SSD is now corrupt, and has completely wiped all my music files, as well as all my Rekordbox library data. I stupidly forgot to backup all my new music for months, and was storing my all my Rekordbox library data on that SSD, so that's gone too. I know now that this was not a wise thing to do - I will definitely store those folders on my internal laptop drive next time so I won't ever lose it like this again. My laptop is registering my SSD device, and it still has it's old nickname, but all my files have been deleted and the SSD has gone back to full storage capacity. Is there any way to recover all my thousands of songs, and rekorbox library data!? I will cry for days if I can't. I know I'm silly for forgetting to back up my files for a while now, but that's a big lesson I've now learnt the hard way. If help if anyone has advice, anything at all, please let me know! I haven't found anything online that matches my issue, I'm really struggling! :(

Georgia Herron

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Hello, you can try to use a Recovery File software or send your ssd to a specialized center to recovery all your files, in the meanwhile don't save other files in your ssd and don't format it..

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