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2x CDJ350 difference between both of them

Hello everyone, i think a have a somewhat crazy problem.

I bought 2 CDJ350 for practice, and im having a strange feeling.

With one CDJ i launch every song in the exact time, or i beatmatch them almost perfectly using the jog wheel. I find it fast and consistent.

With the second one, i play the song always wrong, always out of sync and when i try to fix it with the jog wheel i cant seem to beatmatch them. i always miss. It feels like there is a delay between me pressing the play button and the audio, also it feels like the jog wheel is like "faster" less precise or with small moves goes a long way, making it harder to beatmatch the songs. i tryed with 120bpm songs and with 140bpm. its all the same.

Has anyone had the same experience? im king of going crazy, i used them with a DJM750, a DDJ-SX2, and even in a 4 setup with 2 CJD2000, and its always the same, i mix with one fine and the other i kind of suck!

If anyone has an idea im listening. 


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