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Rekordbox 6 slow export

Hi all,

My hardware is:

- Macbook Pro 16gb RAM / m1 pro 

- Ventura newest version

Rekordbox 6 exports extremely slow to my T5 USB SSD and T7 SSD. It takes around 20 minutes to transfer 1-2gb then stalls somewhere in that range and stops transferring with no error message. It just hangs and doesn't progress and if I check in Finder the amount of data on the HDD it stands still.


I have tried:
- re-analysing and re-restoring entire library
- reformatting USBs (tried HFS+, FAT32)
- different USB ports

The issue does not happen with Rekordbox 5.8.7 on the same Macbook Pro. That transfers quickly but has a different issue where if I try and sync too many playlists at once it will cut out mid-transfer and say "an error occurred while exporting". However if I do it a few playlists at a time it is fast and works.

Has anyone had similar problems and been able to solve them?



Anuraag Bhatia Answered

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