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Keep tracks from same album together when sorting?

How can I keep tracks from the same album in a non-ordered playlist sorted together?

EDIT: This issue affects albums with Various Artists. Albums with all tracks by the same artist seem to stick together automatically.

When I make an intelligent playlist by Genre, for example, and I want to sort it so newer tracks are at the top, I can sort by Year. However, then I get a list of tracks from that year from different albums all mixed up which makes it hard to find things.

My workaround in Traktor was to give each album a different Release date (YYY-MM-DD), and this data is still tagged in the files (Foobar and Musicbee show the full date). But RB's Year tag is only YYYY. I tried using Release field in RB, but I can't figure out what tag field that corresponds to in order to re-tag the files. Also, even if I manually enter a Release date in RB, it disappears if I click Reload Tag like it isn't actually being saved. This is a separate issue that wouldn't bother me as much if I could just keep my albums together in intelligent playlists.

I'm using Rekordbox 6.6.8 on Windows 10 with a DDJ-1000. I only have MP3 and FLAC audio. Apparently, FLAC doesn't support a Release Date/Time tag, but I'm getting the same issue with both types of files.

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Your only option there would be to sort by album within the playlist.

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Thanks for the straight reply. I'll just have to get used to it.

Any idea what the deal is with the Release Date field clearing itself when I reload tags?  Is this known behavior or is it something about my collection?

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