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Hercules Starlight 100% Serato and 0% Rekordbox

Dear all, 

I have the latest version of Rekordbox 6.6.8 Creative licensed, I recently bought a Hercules Starlight trip controller, unfortunately it is not possible to map the jog wheel. I believe that my version allows configuring up to 4 controllers. Could you please help me with this mapping ?

By the way the Hercules Starlight is fully compliance with Serato, which is a huge contradiction when Serato and Rekordbox are part of the Pioneer group.

Best Regards,

Dj Ducky

Dj Ducky Answered

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The jogs are the only function from non-Pioneer DJ equipment which can not be mapped within rekordbox, regardless of the subscription; that is locked exclusively to Pioneer DJ products only. Sorry.

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Not sure where you got your information from but Serato is not part of Pioneer DJ. 

Yes, the companies work together on products. But Serato is a software company and Pioneer DJ is mainly a hardware company. So they have a partnerships to bring some products out made by Pioneer DJ. 

I would recommend you direct your feedback regarding the lack of Rekordbox support towards Hercules.

On your comment of allowing up to 4 controllers. That is incorrect. It allows you to control 4 decks in the software if your hardware supports that. So you will need a controller with 4 channels to do this. Or dual layer support.
It also has nothing to do with the amount of controllers you can connect to your Pioneer DJ account. Creative allows you to have your account active on up to 4 devices (iPhone, iPad, PC/desktop and laptop as example)

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Thank you so much for you explanation.

However my main concern is the Jog wheel mapping, do you have any helpful information ?

Best Regards.


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