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USB non riconosciuta in Sync Manager


quando uso Sync Manager per aggiornare le playlist non riconosce la USB da sincronizzare (colonna di destra),la cosa strana e' che la vedo tra i dispositivi.


Buzy Handz Answered

Official comment


If it appears in the EXPLORER but not the devices, it could be that your drive is not formatted in a manner that is supported by players; only FAT32 and macOS Journaled (HFS+) are supported universally, with exFAT being available on the CDJ-3000, XDJ-XZ, and XDJ-RX3. Any other format is not recognized for export but can be read as a source drive.

If you're on a Mac, make sure rekordbox has access to your removable volumes in the Privacy settings of the OS.

For any further assistance, please create a ticket with the support team in your region to resolve this issue.

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