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XDJ-XZ Load deck 1 -button not working

Brand new product, using with Mac and latest OS. Drivers installed, un-installed and re-installed. Rekordbox with lates updates as well. I'd like to use Rekordbox on "Performance" -mode.

Seems to me that "load deck 1" -button is not working at all. When pressing Link, it's only possible to choose deck 2. Both load buttons blink, but only deck 2 load button responses.

Same problem at Rekordbox export mode and via USB drive. If I try to load deck one, load button doesn't work. To load deck 1 I have to press rotary knob and choose "Load deck 1". To load deck 2 there is no need to use rotary know, load deck 2 -button works perfectly.

Should I re-install XZ's firmware (latest is already installed), or is this probably an issue with button it self?

Would really appreciate some good advise. Cheers!

DJ Random Answered

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