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DJM-900NXS2, HA channel 3 drops gain.

Hello there. Few month ago we started to have issue with DJM-900NXS2. 

The setup is 4x CDJ 3000 and DJM 900 NXS2. All cabling are standard: Line by RCA, Digital by Digital, 1 to 1....4 to 4. 

The issue appear in only 2 cases: when DJ performing with RB usb stick using Digital input mode or when DJ performing with laptop (Serato) using Computer A or Computer B input mode.
There is no problems with gain when DJ performing with RB or non RB usb stick using Line in mode by RCA cables.

Problem happening only with Channel 3. During performance, in the middle of the song gain drops for like aprox 6 to 12 db which is very audible cause its affects to Main Out and Booth Out and HP. Also LED Meters are displaying the gain drop as well. So the DJ trying to align gain to normal level by turning knob to like 2-3 o'clock (normal is 10-11 o'clock). But another issue that after a while the gain back to normal level what cause a peak on input and massive volume increase on all outputs. So DJ adjust it back and forth over and over again as long as audio is going thru Channer 3.

I would say is just a random issue, but we have 7xDJM-900nxs2 and 4 of them has exactly same issue happening at exactly same conditions.

Today i had to change the routing in the software and cables to drive Serato Deck 4 with timecode from CDJ 3 and receive audio to Channel 4 on DJM.

All hardware updated to the latest Firmware.
Service mode/Test mode did not find any errors of problems.

Hope for your help to understand what is the issue. Thank you.

Stanislav Deryguz

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In addiction to the post. In case when DJ performing with RB usb and when gain already dropped on Digital, switching mode to Line on air during playback brining gain to normal, what is impossible to do with Serato or any DVS setup,  and it solves the problem but issue with Digital still there. Thank you.

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