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Distorted Audio when using Serato Pro With Brand New Pioneer XDJ-RX3

Pioneer Support,

I recently bought a brand new XDJ-RX3 and when I'm using it with Serato Pro running on my Mac, the audio is very distorted. If I use Rekordbox in performance mode running on same Mac with XDJ-RX3 then there is no issue with audio.

I did installed latest audio drivers, running latest Serato Pro and latest Firmware on XDJ-RX3 but unable to resolve the issue. I did read few forums and tried adjusting buffer size in Serato Pro as well with no luck.

Here is some more details -

XDJ-RX3 firmware - 1.13

Mac OS - 12.5.1

Serato Pro - 3.0.0

I opened a support case#395188 with Pioneer Support as well but after few initial emails, support never cared to reply me after repeated followups.

I'm quickly reaching the deadline before I can return my new XDJ-RX3.

Appreciate any fix for this issue as Im a primary Serato Pro user.






Kartikay Mishra

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Have you checked that the volume control in Serato is less than 12 o'clock? Look at the top right of the Serato window:

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