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DJM 750 mk2 recording to iPhone doesnt work

Hi guys. After a month or 2 of not using my mixer I decided yesterday to record a new videoset and I found out that there is no audio signal going to my phone.

Usually I connected my phone to the mixer, started recording video and it worked fine. Not since yesterday.

I started troubleshooting. As there is no way to see the audio levels in video recorder, I opened the DJM Rec App. The app said DJM is connected, I can see it in the settings tab that DJM is connected, but when I go to the recording tab, the blue light on the mixer stops glowing. When I open different tab in the app besides "Live", the blue button starts glowing again.

I thought that maybe it has something to do with compatibility with iOS16, so I tried it with an old iPhone 7 with iOS15, but I got the same result. The same result I got with my wifes phone as well.

I tried to put the mixer into default settings, tried several cables, even bought a new one and still the same result - there is no audio going to my iPhone.

I dont use any send/return whatsoever. Ive got 2 cdjs connected via cinch cabels and one output cabel from master 2.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it worng settings or is the mixer damaged?

Please help, Im desperate. Thank you in advance

Jan Bína

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