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More Zoom Out Waveform please

Can we have more zoom out please like in Virtual DJ you can see the whole track at once in Waveform if you want, and i need just a little more in Rekordbox so i can mix my tracks easier. You can zoom in way too much wich i never use, but at max zoom out its just not enough i dont see enough of the tracks waveform.

DJ Mindhacker

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Thats not what i need.
I want to allign my hot cue for the next track on the current track 1 min before. And now you can only see ±15 seconds of the playing track in waveform i want to allign my hotcue's 1 min before i actually have to mix them together.
It cant be that hard to make that possible in the software since VirtualDJ already has this option in the free version of their software. Im thinking about getting the Core Subscription Plan and i dont really want to use VirtualDJ with my Pioneer DDJ200 but Rekordbox needs that option to zoom out more else im going to switch.

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