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WildPro WP-L60S

Wild Pro WP-L60S
Can you please add this to the database:

Manufacturer: WIld Pro
Model Name / Number: WP-L60S
Fixture type (eg. par, bar, mover,, etc): Mover
A link to the product website (not a retailer page please!):
A link to the product manual: added in this post below
DMX channel modes (where available) added in this post below

sergio andres barrera nuñez Completed

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Your fixture request has been added to the AtlaBase library. It will be reflected in the next rekordbox fixture library update (performed once a week on Wednesday or Thursday except for the national and company holidays). Please find the latest list of the library fixtures here (under Fixture library lists).
Could you please send us the rest of the pages so that we can see all details plus the second DMX mode (8 channels)?

Manufacturer: Wild Pro
Fixture: WP-L60S

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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