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Unclear whether RB-DMX1 can be used with CDJ-3000 without forcing rekordbox performance mode?

I'm looking to invest in a DMX controller for use with my standalone CDJ-3000 setup.

I am explicitly not interested in using my CDJ-3000s as HID controllers in performance mode, but I don't have a good understanding of whether this is required, or having the CDJs and rekordbox on the same network using Pro DJ Link would suffice, and rekordbox could simply be used for lighting and nothing more, receiving phrase/timing/etc from the CDJs over Pro DJ Link. 

There is a lot of information about using rekordbox and the RB-DMX1 in performance mode with controllers, which makes sense because in this case rekordbox must be in performance mode regardless, however very little information about using rekordbox SIMPLY for lighting and leaving performance to the CDJs using USB storage.


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Yes you can use the RB-DMX1 with the CDJ-3000 in PRO DJ LINK LIGHTING mode! No need for performance mode, just make sure the players are linked, open rekordbox to LIGHTING and click on the PRO DJ LINK LIGHTING tab at the top. You'll see this page:

All of the controls in blue are in auto mode, but you can click into them for manual controls. I don't have any decks connected now, but you would see the decks and their status in the top left.

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Hey thank you so much for the clarification. I didn't get a chance to play with lighting mode during the trial unlock so it's great to see what's behind the curtain. 

Sounds like I can be fairly confident the RB-DMX1 will do what I want then, if I want to dip my toes into lighting on a standalone CDJ setup. 



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