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WEGO-4 PC Master output and Deck Master output out of sync

My new laptop has this issue where the delay on the PC master out speaker vs the sound coming from the controller is out of sync. I have ordered some RCA cables for the controller master out to see if this helps but I never had this issue on my older PC. 

I have attempted various sample rates and I have also disabled any audio enhancement I could within Windows and the ASUS software control panels. 

The delay is very small - maybe under 0.5 seconds. However it is noticeable and means mixing is very hard. I have not notice the sound delay in playing back audio files without using rekordbox. 

My PC system info is as followed 

OS Name    Microsoft Windows 11 Home

Processor    12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12500H, 2500 Mhz, 12 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)

BaseBoard Manufacturer    ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

Installed Physical Memory (RAM)    16.0 GB

Total Physical Memory    15.6 GB


Any help you have would be great as otherwise I will look to return this laptop which had a significant cost to me. 


Aaron Raines

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I should note - I also didn't have any issue playing back on my Windows 10 home PC which is running a Ryzen 5 2600x processor so I think the issue is on this laptop / Windows 11.  

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What are the speakers you're outputting to? Same for both computers?

Verify these settings in Windows... uncheck the enhancements:

Disable Spatial enhancements:


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Hi -

I use Windows 11 but yes all these settings are disabled

I also disabled any other software installed on the laptop around audio controlling / enahncement

On the speaker question. The issue is on a laptop using built in speakers - playback was fine on the PC.


I have tested with RCA cables and it seems to playback in sync from the RCA output on the controller but the laptop remains out of sync.

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