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Mac don't recognize DDJ-400 all of a sudden


I was using my ddj400 up until today just fine but today when I connected it to the same laptop I have been using, it's not recognized. The lights light up and then all of them dim except 2 hot cues and the release fx button. Tried different usb's and all work fine and they are recognized. Tried updating the rekordbox, didn't help. Followed this article https://support.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408180027929-The-DDJ-400-is-not-recognized-even-when-rekordbox-is-launched

but at the end of this articles it says, in the Audio Midi Setup after removing the DDJ-400 it should reappear but it didn't appear on mine. 

also tried this https://www.pioneerdj.com/-/media/pioneerdj/downloads/other/troubleshooting/troubleshooting_highsierra_or_later_e.pdf but it didn't help either. the file that i downloaded only has the installation file named DDJ-400_v103, no uninstall file exists. When i try installing again, it tells me 'your ddj-400 is not connected. Error ID: 0x0E21'

could you please help me with this?


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I upgraded my mac to Ventura today and I think it sort of 'reset' the usb ports. When I connected my DDJ-400 it asked me to allow the connection so now it is all working - yay! I can see it under system information under USB and also in the Audio Midi Setup. Leaving it here in case if anyone goes through same issues.

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