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Rekordbox on linux


i just want to ask, if it would be possible to port rekordbox to linux?

actually it does not mean so much work, since there are lexical analyzers and converters and similar tools. Its also not hard to set up a GUI in QT. Since its already working on OSX, there is not so much work to do except some internal interfaces / sandboxing.

Pioneers position is: there is to much work for maintaining and there is no market. Both is wrong.

So i ask again to show you there are again several potential users. i already know the answer of pioneer. And i know its only a market strategy - being in charge and having monopole feels good and save.

Just take a look on commercial / professional software in other fields. For example Engineering or Science. What could happen if audio scientists - who are great with computers (linux users!) - could also use Recordbox? Just think about these people which invented all the standards your software is based on (FLAC, LAME/MP3, ALAC, AAC). Probably none of these scientists used Windows or Mac.

capitalist greetings,

max mustermann Answered

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I love getting asked this question, because it means I get to link this Twitter thread:


The short answer; there are no plans to create a Linux version of rekordbox as the market segment is too small and the costs would be too high in  both development and support.


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