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CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 keep telling "Format USB" after formatting USBs

Hi DJs,

I find similar cases to mine in this forum but not really a solvable expected answer, but sorry for duplicating stuff. 


I have 2 USB sticks from SanDisk (Cruzer Blade) 64GB which I bought in 2018 and works well until the last 2 weeks it had an Export error from RekordBox (accidentally plugged out my USB without seeing the screen :(). The last time i experienced this was in 2017 so i barely remember on how to format it except in a default Windows way (right-click, click Format, click the Default button, tick the Quick Format, and done). I believe it will be on exFAT settings. I tried to sync again with the same playlist and thought it would work, but unfortunately not. CDJ 2000 nexus 2 showing a "FORMAT USB" message. 

I come back home, re-format it, and tried it again on the club but no luck. Still same. 

I got 1 new Sandisk Cruzer Blade 64GB, plugged in, directly sync it on Rekordbox, tried it out on the same CDJ and it works.

The next day i thought i need a backup USB. So I bought 1 Sandisk USB 3.2 Extreme Go 64GB, plugged in, sync it, and unfortunately, an error sync message occurs (Somehow my USB HUB turned off when exporting :(). I reformatted it, synced, and tried it on the same CDJ, but no luck. 

My questions:

Does it need to be formatted in a certain specific way to get it to work? The last time i remember doing this formatting stuff on 2015 - 2017 and it is really easy to do. Just don't understand why this could be so hard for the last couple of weeks. Does CDJ has some kind of config that saves the unique ID of USB drives, so even tho the USB gets PC formatted, it will detect and keep showing the format USB message?

Tools used:
Windows 10, i7 7th gen laptop with GTX 1050Ti

Rekordbox 6.6.2

Before you guys wonder if it might be because of technical issues (USB hub, USB port, etc) it's not. Before the exporting error, I can easily update my playlist every week and it works like a charm. I believe nothing is wrong with the Pre-DJ stuff.


Sorry for the long post. Just trying to get more detail so i could get a solutive answer. Thank you!



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The drive must be formatted FAT32; the CDJ-2000NXS2 does not support exFAT.

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