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Improve My Tags - Ability to add more Categories and/or My Tags

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As a very allround dj I play at weddings, office party's, house and techno party's, chill out's, garden party's, squat and underground party's and even soul, funk party's etc. I really love using rekordbox and am a big fan of the Pioneer ecosystem. The only thing that really limits me are the limited possibilities of the My Tag system.

Currently we are allowed a total of 4 categories, which each can contain a max. of 50 My Tags.

I don't know why Rekordbox created this limit, but it would be extremely nice to have more categories and more my tags possible per category. Especially the increase in categories would be awesome as it would allow me to add the following categories:

Location / Event
Energy Level
Audience type

I just feel that we should have at least 5 or 6 categories as well as an increase in the maximum number of MyTags per category to let's say max. 100 tags per category.

Either way, any increase in possible categories and/or My Tags would be definitely a great gamechanger for the rekordbox database/tagging experience.

Sincerely, Sid


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i would also be very interested to know why tracks whose mytag was written in the comments section are not recognized anymore after deleting and adding them to the collection again?

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Can we please, please, please, have more MyTags. 200 over 4 categories just really doesn't cut it. Any increase would be so much appreciated! :)

Kolemeyer 1 vote
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