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Sound conflict when using Rekordbox/ DDJ1000 though Skype or Zoom.

Hello! I am a DJ Tutor who has been teaching DJing online for the last 3 years using Rekordbox, my DDJ1000 and Skype. I always use direct sound (controller plugged into a soundcard like the M-Audio m-track or the focusrite) as it's a more professional sound for my students at the other end rather than coming through an external mic. Since the last 2 Rekordbox updates my sound glitches when I'm on a Skype call like it's skipping and I cannot figure out why? Skype on its own is fine and Rekordbox on its own is fine but not together anymore? I have tried 2 different laptops both of which are 11th gen i7's with 16gb ram, 2 different soundcards, 2 different usb leads, the laptops internal sounds and even switched to Zoom to see if it might have been Skype but I always get the same glitchy skippy conflict even on Zoom? The only constant is the DDJ1000 and Rekordbox so I believe it is related to the last 2 updates. I've played around with the audio settings within Rekordbox but it makes no difference. Any ideas what can cause this as I am at a loss and I don't want to just go back to the old version 😥
Dj Foxxy

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have the same problem , its RB issue or WIN11 , WIN10 , tried 2 high spec PCs and also MAC with win11 and doing the same . MASTER TEMPO is conflicting when you open new windows to full on your desktop , but when the windows are not open to full size its ok 


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