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DDJ SR2 Hot Cue color pads going blank

I copy a similar post because I have the same problem on the ddj-sr2 but I haven't found the firmware for this model.


Hello I own the new DDJ SX2 and was trying it out for couple minutes and already noticed that the hot cue colors turn blank after a while.  When you delete hot cues on the pads it of course deletes the colors but this is happening with out deleting any hot cues, the hot cues are still present just not showing up on the pads.  Yet the hot cues are still present and of course where never deleted.  Please let the techs know to fix as soon as possible because this can become a nuisance with other djs because you can get easily confused if you have hot cues or not.   I know you can just look up at the monitor but I am sure you can understand thats just a temporary answer thanks.  


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Probably a software issue - try this (if you're on a PC, skip to step 7):

    1. Open the Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup app
    2. Click Window > Show MIDI Studio
    3. At the top of the window, click the drop-down menu and select New Configuration...
    4. Give it a name (eg. 2023) and click OK
    5. Click the IAC Driver (should be red) and press the Delete key on your keyboard
    6. Close the Audio MIDI Setup application
    7. Open Serato DJ Pro
    8. Open the preferences
    9. Click the MIDI tab
    10. Click the DDJ-SR2 in the upper window
    11. Un-check the Allow Serato Hardware Remapping button above that window
    12. Click the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of that window
    13. Close preferences and test as usual
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thanks for the reply... i use virtual dj 8 pro, i hope there is a solution for this software too.

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Please test with Serato; if it works there, the problem is VDJ and you'll have to contact Virtual's support team for assistance.

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