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Is it a gamble if a USB stick works or not?

Hey Guys

I got some CDJ2000NXS and trying to use my USB sticks properly, but it seems to be a real gamble?

Even due I get the same brand of USB sticks of the most expensive and fastest one, 1 is working and 3 others are clearly not working.

I use Rekordbox to export my playlists and it seems everything fine, even let me PC running for the whole process so it doesn't have interrupts but yeah, some of the sticks work without any issue and most of them just show me the "content" folder on the CDJ what means that it somehow can't load the data?

I use mostly 500GB Sticks, and properly formatted into FAT32, so the format and so shouldn't be an issue, besides the fact that i have a full 500GB stick which works perfectly, but every other one just doesn't work.

Same is for my 64GB sticks they always show "Format USB" even due the format is Fat32 and if i plug in to my Laptop it shows me all analyzed tracks and playlists as it's supposed to be.

How can such expensive Gear be so inconsistent and annoying to use?

Is there any guideline to make usb sticks always work, i mean i follow the specifications, but they seem more to be like a fairly tale as it seems?

Dominik Rabus

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I got some good hints from Reddit, switched now to my Samsung T5 SSD which i still had left over, that works pretty well and didn't have any issue anymore, aswell with SSD i don't suffer from the "speed issue"

But yeah, for most people playing music in our venues, we can't offer them a full WIFI everytime to stream everything with the weird Rekordbox Streaming model, so it's quite sad that Pioneer even with the 3000er not even thinks about making their hardware a bit more optimized for using USB drives.

And then you even need like 15 different subscriptions to make it work, lol.

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