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Traktor Z1 - Macbook Air M1 - Rekordbox Creative Plan

So this is driving me crazy! I am trying to get the following combination to work but cant see what I am doing wrong.

Traktor Z1, Rekordbox 6.6.10 with a paid creative plan and my Macbook air (M1 Processor)

I want to MIDI map the Z1 to use with Rekordbox when I am away from my main decks (Pioneer XZ)for  putting my set playlist together ready for the weekend.

I though this would be a really simple process as I have a paid Rekordbox creative plan, I also own a hardware unlock  device (XDJ XZ) device but this will not be with me when using the Z1.

The problem is Rekordbox doesn't see the Traktor Z1 as a MIDI device so the MIDI learn section is greyed out with the Z1 connected. It does see it as a audio device as I can route sound to the Z1 in the  the rekordbox settings.

What am i doing wrong as I am heavily invested in the Rekordbox eco system and the DDJ 400 /FLX4 is too big for me to travel with .

Can anyone please help?


iNKS Answered

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Can you confirm that your Creative plan is active? Even with only a virtual MIDI device connected, the MIDI panel is available when you have your Creative plan activated:

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