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What happened to the "Summary" view option for track listing?

Recently got a new system and installed 6.6.10. I had been using 6.6.3 - but when I went to customize the track view/listing the way I like it, I could not find the "Summary" field.

The summary field view saves a TON of real estate by grouping Track/Artist/BPM and Key into a nice tight field. I couldn't find it it 6.6.10 - so I just installed 6.6.3 on my new system - I don't think I'll update from 6.6.3 if this view is not longer available - Its my preferred view in the track listing area. Which version was this removed in? 

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about showing the Summary field in the track list as well as the drop down list of fields that are selectable in 6.6.3:

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Still there, just make sure you're showing the full artwork view by clicking this button:

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