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Saving Error Due to Insuffient Storage Space

There is something strange going on with Cloud sync that started recently. Rekordbox doesn't find files that have been added and uploaded to Dropbox despite the fact that the file is available offline and is showing in finder. Selecting "Auto Relocate" or locating manually, then selecting the file results in the error in the title; Saving Error Due to Insuffient Storage Space. Its not a local capacity issue as there is 63GB free on the SD card in my Mac. 

There's also been cases recently of files being uploaded on my Mac but then are not downloadable on my iOS device. When selecting "Download from the Cloud" I get a message saying "Download error; there were songs that could not be downloaded since the file could not be found". These files exist online and are where they should be when checking online on Dropbox. 

It's all been working flawlessly up until recently. It started a couple of weeks ago when I'd purchased tacks from Traxsource and copied them directly to my Rekordbox folder on Dropbox with the functionality they offer. The new tracks were copied but weren't available on all devices. 


Pete Trimby Answered

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