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DDJ 800 not connecting to Rekordbox

Hello, I have an issue where my controller won't control RB software when connected. RB recognizes its plugged but none of the buttons/knobs/jogs actually do anything. DDJ 800 soundcard will be selected in both windows and rekordbox and everything looks as if it should work

Ive used multiple RB versions. Reinstall firmware which is the latest version. Reinstalled drivers.

I can always make it work, by turning the controller on and off, unplugging/ restarting RB etc multiple times. Sometimes this works within 10 mins, sometimes 30+mins, so I eventually get there, but its a massive pain In the ass, when I wanna spin some tunes...

I run a thinkpad p14s gen 1 ryzen 4750u, a relatively fresh windows install, which otherwise has no issues. everything is up to date

I've heard there is potentially a conflict with realtek audio drivers, but this issue still occurs when disabled/uninstalled.

Getting a bit tired of this and am at a point where I need to either get a different laptop, or ditch the ddj800 entirely, as it is massively hindering my DJing. 

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