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CDJ3000 v2.04 firmware has broken Pro-DJ Link

Anybody else have this problem?

I have a TP-Link router and thick sturdy high-grade Ethernet cables connecting two CDJ3000s to a DJM-V10-lf MIXER. I connect a 2TB Samsung T7 SSD to one CDJ3000 and have happily been using it and accessing it on both CDJ3000 decks no matter which CDJ the USB is connected to.

But then along came v2.04 and it broke everything. I raised a support ticket but then retracted it because rebooting the TP-Link hub got things working again.  But now even that doesn't work and I can't access the USB drive on the other deck which displays the orange globe symbol with an exclamation mark. The unit is powered on and everything is connected fine.

In theory it might be a huge coincidence and the TP-Link hub may have just broken the same day I upgraded to v2.04 firmware but I don't really buy that.  Is anybody else having this issue since updating to v2.04?


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Simple troubleshooting...

Connect the two CDJs to each-other directly using one ethernet cable. Does it work? Good, try the same with the other ethernet cable. Still working? The players and the cables are good.

If one cable failed but not the other, that one cable is bad, players and other cable are fine.

If both cables failed, it could be a rare case of both cables being bad and both players being fine, but in this situation, go for a 3rd cable just to be sure - if that one fails as well, the problem is one or both of the CDJs.

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Both cables fail when attached directly, as does a third.

Even though both players display the "broken Pro DJ Link" icon (orange globe with exclamation icon) the TP-Link hub shows all connections flickering green as if data is being successfully transmitted.

And a linked DJM-V10 alerts me when the USB device is attached to a CDJ3000 that settings have been found and can be loaded which suggests to me the cables and hub are fine - it's the CDJ3000s that are the problem (both of them) and they have only had an issue since they were upgraded to v2.04.

When the first CDJ3000 cant't see the connected USB the "Player 1" square at the bottom of the screen is permanently flashing. I can't find anything in the manual or when Googling that explains what this flashing means. The flashing stops if I remove the Ethernet cable for the player from the hub.

Is there a way I can reload the older v2.03 firmware and see if that fixes things, proving that the issue is the new firmware rather than the decks themselves. It makes no sense to me that both decks would have failed at the exact same time!

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I am on 2.04 and Pro Link is working OK for me. I am using a pretty complicated network using VLANs to isolate my DJ traffic, but I am using a similar TPLink switch SG105E.

The orange globe exclamation does not mean "broken Pro DJ Link", it means it cannot connect to the cloud.

You should be able to just put 2.03 on a thumbdrive and roll back if you think that's the problem.

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Try assigning your player numbers directly and see if that helps the flashing. You might also go under the info section and see if they are getting IP addresses.

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