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Rearrange order of Deck/Player Panels in Rekordbox (Using 2 DDJ-RRs)

I'm referring to the overall panel that is assigned to each deck when in performance mode. When a deck is activated, a blue box outlines the entire deck panel which encompasses the track info along with jog & pad panels. They're also numbered.

I have a pair of DDJ-RRs and would like to use them together for a full 4 deck setup. Except when it comes to their layout, its hard to manage which deck is which. Having your left decks on the top panel and your right decks on the bottom is very awkward, and I don't have the option of remapping anything without forfeiting jog-wheel access.


Is there any setting to rearrange the UI and move these panels so that Decks 1 and 2 are on the left hand side while Decks 3 and 4 are on the right?

If not is there at least a work around so that I'm not stuck with the DDJ-RR default of Deck 1/3 being hard mapped to the left and Deck2/4 to the right of the controller?


I've tried looking through the manual and searching on forums, exhaustively.


Stephanie Lawrence

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