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CDJ 3000 Sync issue

This oddly works on rekordbox but not on the CDJ3000s:

87bpm does not sync with 174bpm. This would be an invaluable feature for drum & bass/high bpm mixing. 

Another question:

I have a few tracks in my rekordbox library where I have changed the bpm ahead of time (due to an inaccurate analysis). CDJ3000s do not apply that new bpm value


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I think you should set the analysis range to 108-<something> in the rekordbox settings to avoid this inaccurate analysis - doing so will make sure that rekordbox will know that the track is rather 174 than 87. If you have dnb tracks, 174 is 174 and not 87 so why not getting your library to detect the bpm properly instead and make sure that anything that gets in sync, gets in sync with the correct bpm?

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