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In need of alternative antique parts for a CDJ 400

Hi Everyone!

I picked up a CDJ 400 for home use, however, it's missing the jog plate and I'm guessing a jog SHEET. Does anyone know if a plate from a 350 or even a 200 would fit? I'm only finding 1 parts vendor with these 2 pieces -- the SHEET is more than the plate ($65 and $50+).

Has anyone else had to replace these pieces or substitute them?

I don't see myself scratching -- just trying to conveniently incorporate some MP3s for tracks I don't have or have yet to be pressed. Otherwise, it seems fully functional as it is -- just a rubber coaster-looking pad in the center.


Part #s are below:

Jog Plate: DAH2565
Jog Sheet: DAH2581

David Dancer

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