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Waveforms Not Matching Audio

Audio not Matching Waveform on CDJ 3000s



Bijan Sonboli

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I think this is the real issue I have with my 3000's since the day one...

Mixing on these tends to be very visual - there are big screens, lots of colors, waveforms etc. so it gets your visual attention yet compared to other players in the cdj line, there is a slight issue with the waveforms vs. audio sync. This results in an impression that the players are drifting but only as long as I am looking at the displays to "make sure" the tracks match - this makes me keep fine-adjusting tracks using the jogwheel and be like "huh this should match because I see it matches" but what I hear is a completely different story... I concluded that I simply can't rely on 3000's displays too much when it comes to waveforms because these are (and have always been) somehow out of sync with the audio... I won't bother by writing any rant comment on how annoying this is on players in this price range - we all know already.... I really wish this gets addressed - you should open a support ticket so they look into it....

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