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DJM A9 - can’t load settings (mixer or beat fx) from any device

Hi, I’ve gone through the process of setting up my A9 settings for the mixer and beat fx. I then save both the mixer settings and beat fx settings to a USB plugged into the mixer. When I plug the USB back in, I get a ‘there are settings available’ message. I then hold down quantize to get back to the settings and select ‘load settings’ for both the mixer and beat fx. But when I select the various beat FX it doesn’t load my settings. Example: when using Helix I prefer to have the low setting off. I’ve set this in the mixer, saved my settings and beat fx settings to the USB device plugged in. When I turn off the mixer, then turn it back on, insert the USB and load my settings and beat fx settings, all of the mixer beat fx settings are restored to default rather than what I’ve selected in the utility menu. I’ve followed the steps in the manual. I’ve tried with a USB stick (FAT32 - 32GB) plugged into the DJM directly and plugged into a CDJ 3000 linked to the DJM via an Ethernet switch. Either way I’m unable to load my saved beat fx settings. What might I be doing wrong? Separately, feature request, please make the ‘talk over’ mic button a setting that can be saved and loaded (assuming I can eventually figure out how to load any settings :)). Thanks!

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I am having the exact same issue. I was really excited about this feature to make the start of a set effortless. Please advise us Pioneer!!

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