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DJM A9 weird Beat FX behaviour/timing

Hello everyone,

my A9 came in yesterday and I already put it trough its paces. On my 900 NXS2 I am used to setting the Beat FX timing ( 1/2, 1/4 etc.) with one touch trough the X Pad. On the A9 the Beat FX timing from the X Pad only applies as long as I hold it down. Which would be fine if I could just switch the timings by draging my finger across the Pad, but this causes a weird pitching effect when I jump to another echo timing.

Another option would be the arrow keys but they added the 1/3 timings. This means there is no fast way for me to change from a 1/2 to a 1/4 echo and back.

To my question is: Is there any option to get the X Pad behaviour from the NXS2 back or to disable the 1/3 timing for the Beat FX in general?

Nico Kassel

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i have the same concern.  I really don't like the 1/3 beat timings and the spiraling sound effects you get when quickly switching between them.  @pulse will the be any sort of firmware update that would allow us to remove the 1/3 beat timings from the echo effect?

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