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DDJ-800 SRT Needed

I commented on a post a few years ago about this. I'm back to do it again! This is a needed product for those of us who aren't willing to use RB (One of my main reasons for not using it is the loop feature does not have the end and beginning loop adjustment features and familiarity of Serato.)

Here's the comment (edited): My Wedding DJ company uses multiple DDJ-SXs as we need 2 mic channels, 1 audio in for iTunes playlists or phone input, and obviously two mixing channels. It's *PAST* time to update our controllers, we need to find this functionality in as small a package as possible, which is why we won't be buying any DDJ-1000s, or larger. (We have a DDJ-SZ that stays at one venue as we can't move it around in easily our vehicles with the rest of our gear. It needs to be replaced too..)

I actually hate having the mics on the same channels as we would have on audio inputs 3 and 4, which is why we bought the SZ. Switching back and forth between itunes cocktail/dinner playlists and microphone, and having to change eq each time is cumbersome and takes my focus away from what's happening in the moment (usually toasts). So I've been (not so) patiently waiting for a Serato version of the DDJ-800. The separate aux trim is perfect for this! 

The DDJ-800 seems to be the perfect controller that solves all my problems with previous controllers -- it's just missing Serato Support... The only things I might want are an additional mic in (and EQ), like the DDj-SX3 had and the slider pads that we use to quickly check and correct the trim on the track. Super useful for those of us who actually check our levels before playing a track. Please release a DDJ-800 SRT... It has been far too long of a wait for this....

Michael Claymore

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