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Rekordbox track pausing on platter release

I am having an issue with rekordbox tracks pausing from 1-3 seconds when releasing the platter on CDJ-3000 while using my macbook pro in performance mode. I cannot always replicate the issue over and over it happens at random and could be any track in my library. I find that the issue happens more often the longer I hold the platter down waiting to release or scratch in a track on the 1st beat and only one player will have this issue (either the left or the right for the entire evening). I've updated the latest version of rekordbox and firmware on on the players and am using HID mode connection. I've tried replacing my usb hub and all cables aswell


Macbook specs are 2018 15" pro intel I7 16gb Ram Ventura 13.4.1

Rekordbox buffer @5.8ms


Carter Crawford

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