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Cant Record With AUX on the DJM-T1 Mixer

Hi There, I purchased the Pioneer DJM-T1 yesterday and I love it. The only problem is recording ing serato. Everything works fine, I can use the rotary, cue buttons work, fader works with video-sl..etc But i just cant get the AUX in the front panel to record. I've tried hooking up a 3rd deck(serato 3 decks options w/ aux) and it worked. At first i thought the aux was bad but it seems to be fine. The only way I can record is plugging the rca to MASTER 2 in the back of the mixer. The record volume is low and theres not volume control for it.

I've owned and played with countless of mixers and never had this problem with the aux. Is it possible that I've gotten a bad component?



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